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In 2016, EnerplatPro was registered in Texas and co-founded its first startup and will co-found the second in 2017 with the ambition to reach a portfolio of 10 startups in two years. 


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Technology startups in energy face numerous challenges in bringing their products and services to market and require support at their early stages to facilitate technology deployment and innovation awareness.

EnerplatPro was founded by Geoffroy Paixach and is powered by GP&SON with the objective of co-founding and launching technology startups focused in the energy sector thanks to a range of business development and administrative services to support the startups’ likelihood of stability, growth, and profitability.

EnerplatPro will propose effective route to market for the co-founded technology startups while creating a gateway to innovation for end-users and investors through networking events and a group of associates worldwide. 

A strategic partner in business development  

A strategic partner specialized in business development to make

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in Energy

Evolving Energy Landscape

Technology is the backbone of today's energy industry


In today’s hyper competitive energy industry, energy producers must rely heavily on cutting-edge technologies to maximize profit while ensuring sustainability. More than ever, the energy market has a great appetite for technological innovation. We see a historical opportunity for entrepreneurs to contribute to the new energy landscape. 

Talent behind technology


EnerplatPro is on mission to locate the niche-specific experts who are willing to form their own businesses or even spin-offs from already established medium or large energy companies with the goal of providing innovative solutions for the energy industry ranging from oil and gas exploration and production to renewable energy and water management.